2nd project partners meeting

On the 3-4th of May 2018 the EuroSTART project’s second project meeting was organized in Matera, Italy, which will be the European Capital of Culture in 2019. The host was the Italian partner Materahub, who led the meeting together with the project coordinator Dublin Chamber of Commerce.

Materahub is an aggregator of people and business, a “space” where they meet, encourage the creation of new job opportunities and the promotion of sustainable development through a process of coaching, training and business development.

Partnership in the project includes representatives from institutions from Hungary, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Poland and Spain. Representatives from all Partners attended the meeting.

The discussion of the two days meeting included the quality plan, the IO1 activities such as the preparation of fact sheets and roadmaps of selected competences on successful startup management, furthermore, the development of the training package IO2. After that Partners have agreed on the Dissemination and Communication Plan and website content, as well as the date of the multiplier events. A training for newcomers with the workshop of Mobility Tool was organized by a Partner.

The next Partner meeting will be in Stuttgart, November 2018.