3rd project meeting

On the 4-5th of December 2018 the EuroSTART project’s third project meeting was organized in Stuttgard. This time the host was the German partner BWCON, who led the meeting together with the project coordinator Dublin Chamber of Commerce.

After a warm welcoming and update of status of works, each developed in the project module was discussed.

At this point the topics of modules have been defined, some with final content already available.

EUROSTART modules are on:

  • Cooperation and teamworking
  • Creativity
  • Leadership & Initative
  • Finance and economic literacy
  • IPR
  • Project Management
  • Dissemination overview

After the completion of modules and their translations, they will be made available to the target groups via our website.

While the meeting discussed were also expectations regarding the e-learning platform and training event, to be held in June 2019.