Funding: National support – ask your public agencies!

On a national level most countries offer several programs to support SMEs and research institutions that range from: Funding programs for research and innovation, technology transfer or start-up, as well as specialist and industry related R & D support activities. An Example from Germany is ZIM:

The Central Innovation Program for SMEs (ZIM) is a nationwide, technology and industry-oriented funding program of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) to support small and medium-sized enterprises as well as cooperating research institutions. With ZIM, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) wants to motivate small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to do more research, development and innovation. Research and development results should be translated more quickly into market-effective innovations. ZIM also helps to develop cooperation between SMEs and research organizations and to improve entrepreneurial innovation, cooperation and network management.