IP in the field of renewable energies

Renewable energy is energy from sources that do not diminish or that can be replaced. They also do not generate greenhouse emissions or air pollutants. Renewable energies over the last number of years have grown in importance with renewable energies increasingly replacing fossil fuels in the energy sector. As this sector grows we are seeing an increase in more innovative and cheaper ways to capture and retain renewable energies like wind and solar.

In order to give the sector the best information and knowledge on renewable energies and IP the European IP Helpdesk recently released their “IP in the field of Renewable Energies Factsheet”. The factsheet gives a comprehensive overview from the European perspective of the central IP questions relevant to this dynamic energy sector.

Read the full factsheet: http://www.iprhelpdesk.eu/sites/default/files/newsdocuments/Factsheet_IP_and_Renewable_Energies.pdf