Trouble finding funding for your Startup projects?

Trouble finding funding for your Startup projects? Maybe a transnational support fund is the right way for your business. The EU has several funding programs and you can find some examples in the table below. If none of those programms are right for you, try also to research at national and local agencies, competitions or even private initiatives  to inform you about smaller funding opportunities!

European Union funding

Funding programmeMain targetDuration Financial support
  • resource efficiency
  • water
  • waste
  • key enabling technologies
  • SMEs
2014-2020almost 80 billion €
  • environmental technologies
  • resource efficiency
  • industry & production
  • waste
  • water
2014-20203.4 billion €
  • improving access to finance and markets
  • improving conditions for competitiveness & sustainability
  • promoting entrepreneurship
2014-20202.3 billion €
  • regional development
  • research & innovation
  • SME competitiveness
  • low carbon economy
  • environment & resource efficiency
2014-2020351 billion €