Teamwork nowadays: empowerment

The concept of teamwork evolved pretty much over the last decades. The following table shows some of the most significative differences in the management of teamwork:

Organizations and Their Employees: Then and Now.


Employees were expected to follow orders and rules.Employees are encouraged to show initiative.
Employee alienation was not considered problematical.Employees are given maximum empowerment.
Teams were established by management.Teams are based on consensus.
Work groups followed directives.Work groups establish their own procedures.
Dissenting opinions were suppressed.Constructive criticism is welcomed.
Personnel resources were exploited.Human resources are valued and optimized.
Management was autocratic.Management is increasingly democratic.
Organizational structure was tall and hierarchical.Organizational structure is flatter.
Personal needs were ignored.Personal growth and development are encouraged.


One of the major elements of change could be resumed in one word: empowerment. Why this trend? While it could appear easier to adopt a more authoritarian management style to make the job done without losing time involving employees in the decision making, is there a real benefit in teams’ empowerment? The answer is a big YES.

Empowering your employees and involving them in decision processes is clearly a good idea. We explain you why here:

First, it will reinforce the sense of belonging of the team members. Which is directly linked with motivation. The more the team is involved in a project, the more it will feel the need to perform a good quality work. Also, as the team members increase their engagement in the company, they might bring valuable inputs for your start-up: new ideas that can open new business lines, innovation in products, etc. Your team will be in general more productive and efficient, with a higher sense of responsibility. Also, an empowered team will defend your business toward the outside. As they will talk positively about your company, they will provide better customer service, or attract new customers, as well as talented new team members.

Also, while thinking about work organisation and future project, why not involving your team in this process?!

Also, to conclude this article, some tips about team empowerment:

  • Share your goals
  • Be open to dialogue and new ideas
  • Involve the team in the decision making
  • Share responsibility
  • Recognize efforts and reward your team
  • Create a positive atmosphere and trust

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